Basic Data Analysis with Java

Analyze your data with ease and efficiency and modify applications that perform Data Analysis

Basic Data Analysis with Java

Data analysis is a process for inspecting, consolidating, transforming, and making sense of data in a way that guides the decision-making process. Effective data analysis is about transferring data through three main states: data, information, and knowledge. This matters because people become overwhelmed by large amounts of data, and make much better decisions on information at hand. Data analysis helps convert data into information, whether the consumer of this information is a person or machine-learning algorithm.

This video course starts by showing you the various techniques of pre-processing your data. You will then get well-versed with the basics of data analysis with Java, how data changes state, and how Java fits into the analysis. You will then learn to apply the basic analysis to your business needs and create time-series predictions. Finally, you will see how to implement statistical data analysis techniques using Java APIs. You will also use JDBC to connect Java to SQL and MySQL databases. At the end of the video course, you will also see how to work with NoSQL databases.

About the author

Erik Costlow was the principal product manager for Oracle’s launch of Java 8. His background is in software security analysis, dealing with the security issues that rose to the surface within Java 6 and Java 7. While working on the JDK, Erik applied different data analysis techniques to identify and mitigate ways that threats could propagate through the overall Java platform and overlying applications.

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